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Battery Brands

We hold stocks of over 50 different types of watch and other small batteries. So if you want a watch battery (button cell) for your watch, clock or car remote control key, try here first.
We also stock common size batteries for clock, cameras and torches.

Watch Batteries

Sole It Lock It for Batteries for all applications including Batteries for Digital Cameras, Watches, Calculators, Cordless Telephones, Remote Controls, Game Consoles.

We stock most of the common camera battery types for compact cameras and SLR cameras. We also stock the Energizer CR-V3 Lithium camera battery for those digital cameras using these Lithium batteries.

Rechargeable Batteries from Duracell, GP Recyko, Uniross, Sizes AA, AAA, C, D, PP3.

Renata Batteries