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Car Number Plates Made By Sole It Lock It

At Sole It Lock It we use the latest high tech equipment to design, build and manufacture your number plate. All our ABS Substrate plates are manufactured to BSAU145d; this makes them stronger, more impact resistant, and therefore last a lot longer than the old style plates ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, so now you know why we just refer to them as acrylic.

Car Number Plate

There are only two fonts permitted on road legal number plates: - standard and 3D font. Personalisation, non-standard images, or honeycomb backing are no longer legal. The spacing of the numbers and letters in your registration must match that printed in your V5C logbook (registration document). If you are unsure of the current legal requirements for road legal plates then visit the DVLA website.

Legal Car Number Plate

Before we can make your number plate you need to show us proof of ownership of the vehicle, usually we need to see Your V5C Log Book plus a photo ID eg Photo Driving Licence or Passport.