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At Sole It Lock It you can find a range of shoe creams in all different colours, polishes and suede renovators. Our shoe care products are available for leather, suede, nubuck and fabrics. We stock a wide range of shoe care products, including shoe trees, shoe horns and all types of cleaning products for all types of shoes.

Shoe CareShoe Care Boot Care products from Sole It Lock It

We have replacement shoe laces include laces for skates, hiking boots, shoes and trainers. These are available in different styles from flat and thick cord, to self tying and polished waxed. They come in a wide range of colours - choose our range of replacement shoe laces to decorate your shoes to your desired taste or simply to prolong the life of your footwear. You can also find insoles to give you that extra comfort.
We stock the following: Insoles, Laces, Leather Care, Leather Cleaners, Leather Renovators, Shoe & Fabric Dyes, Shoe Brushes & Shoe Horns, Shoe Creams, Shoe Deodorants, Shoe Polishers, Shoe Polisher Kits, Shoe Protectors, Shoe Trees & Stretchers, Sports Shoe Products, Suede & Nubuck Cleaners & Renovators and Waterproofers.